GEMS Midtown Concert: Collectio Musicorum's "Music of Robert Johnson, the Heretic Priest"

10.10.19| 1:15 PM

Chapel at St. Barthomolew Church, New York City

Robert Johnson was a 16th Scottish composer/priest who escaped execution for heresy during the Reformation by escaping to England, where he continued to write music and preach. His music and memory were virtually erased from Scottish history until the musicologist Elaine Moohan unearthed his compositions in English and continental collections. Collectio Musicorum is the only North American ensemble with permission to perform his music. Collectio Musicorum is an ensemble devoted to giving the best possible performances of music from the earliest of times. We combine the latest musicological research with the highest possible level of musicianship to present historically informed concerts that are both scholarly and entertaining. We also strive to resurrect music that is rarely, if ever, performed.


St. Barthomolew Church Park Avenue & 50th St.